Our Background

Due to the survey that was conducted in ward 14 Region D and its surrounding arrears. The purpose of the survey was to collect information on the number of senior citizens who live in selected areas and their living conditions. The following statistics were found through door-to-door, attending ward meetings through the ward councilor, churches, schools and meetings:

Frail Elderly 15%

Destitute Elderly 45%

Abused  Elderly  15%

Elderly Headed families 25%


 The Alpha World Ministries Social Care Centre is a non-profit, non-political organization that intends to fight socio-economic problems such as HIV/AIDS, Unemployment, Poverty, Crime and Welfare issues in an affordable and sustainable way. Our Centre is located in Protea North Soweto, which serves the following disadvantaged communities of Soweto, Naledi, Naledi X2,Lusaka Settlement, Protea South, Protea Glen, Chiawelo, Emdeni, Protea North and surrounding areas.

Most of our senior citizens are being neglected and emotionally abused in their families. Under nourishment being a key factor. Their grants are being utilized for other benefits within and by the family members. This resulting in a significant number of senior citizens in poor and low-income communities  being faced with a diminished prospect of taking care of themselves. 


To sustain itself after the ceazation of funds, the following projects has been identified and is an initiative that will keep the environment clean, reduce the impact of poverty and also to reduce unemployment rate lastly to contribute towards the economic growth of Gauteng Province and the country at large.


Food Gardens

  • Healthy affordable food supply
  • Engagement of the community in maintenance of the gardens that will feed the centre.
  • Surplus of crops to be sold. (Entrepreneurship encouragement) 

Small Scale Commercial Farming

  • Live – Stock farming,
  • Recycling
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Plastic


  • Jumble Sale
  • Fundraising Events.


  • The Home Based Care program caters for Seventy Four Elderly (100)
  • The Day care service centre caters for +/- 220 community members who attend on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday &     Friday.
  • Counseling – beneficiaries attends on daily basis for counseling